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Price List

Toenail Trim - $12 $15(Dremel) - $25

    Almost EVERY toenail trim is $12-$15.  A trim will be $25 if there is extensive dremeling or if the pup requires holding more than what is usual (me and the owner). 

Ear Wash - $15 - $25

    Almost EVERY ear wash is $15.  When there is excessive debris in the ear and extra time is spent, the charge will be $25.

Tooth Brushing - $10

    A new tooth brush and tube of tooth paste is included with the tooth brushing.  Never use human tooth paste to brush your pup's teeth.  It is poison.  I will teach you how to brush their teeth.

Deshedding Tool 

Zoom Groom Made by Kong - $10 - $15                                                                                                                                                                                                               

CHECK HERE for any schedule changes! If you are ever in doubt, call the feed store to see if I am there. The link is the list of locations and schedule can be found there.    Please call before you make a trip and I am not there.   


Deshedding Tool

 A Zoom Groom is a plastic "brush" made by KONG. It should be used on short haired dogs. It removes undercoat and dead hair.  I have them for $10 - $15.   


The Mysterious QUICK!

The Basics of Toenail Trimming

The toenail of your pet is like the heel or on your shoe.  If it is over grown or touching the ground improperly it impacts the animal's feet legs, shoulders, knees and ultimately it's spine.  This results in a relatively significant amount of pain.  

When the nails have not been trimmed regularly, the quick can grow out.  This means I can only trim a little bit off.  When I do trim a little, (on a regular basis) it will help the quick slowly recede very slowly.

Nails must be trimmed while looking at them from the bottom.  It is like shoeing a horse.  If you try to trim from the top the chances that you will hit the quick and cause BLEEDING is very high.  I work very hard so that I do not cause bleeding.  This is very painful for the pet.  

There are certain breeds that do NOT like their paws touched.  Almost all the toy breeds and the terrier breeds must be conditioned from birth that their feet will be touched!  If not, they will be little tigers when attempting to trim nails!  

It is just a good idea to train your dog from the start that paws are yours to be touched.  

White Nails vs Black Nails

There is a myth or urban legend that black nails are more difficult or simply can't be trimmed.  I actually had someone in line tell me that.  I really didn't know how to respond.  The quick is a quick is quick, is a quick.  There is no "trick" to it other than the requirement of seeing the paw from the bottom like shoeing a horse.  I take slivers of the nail (not chunks) until I get  to what looks like a little spot in the nail that is darker in color.  Then I stop.  If I take more, there could be bleeding.  I try my best not to cause bleeding.  If I do, it is an awful accident!