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About Precious Paws


About Us.

I have 20 Years Experience with Both Older and Younger Dogs.  I have followed Vaccination Station for over eight  years.  I work full time during the week and do this for fun.  Your generous “TIPS” are always appreciated!  Look on the Contact page or on the Russel Feed web site to be sure I will be working.  During extreme weather, or for any other if I am not going to be at a location my status will be posted.  Russel Feed will also post it on their Facebook page. 


How To Find Me!

Go to:



For information on all low cost vaccination events and schedules. ​  If you still have questions, you can leave me a message at 682-214-0094.


Come See Me!

 Check the CONTACT page for any schedule changes! If you are ever in doubt, call the feed store to see if I am there. The link is the list of locations and schedule can be found there.    Please call before you make a trip and I am not there.