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Sometimes it's tough to know where to turn when your dog, cat, iguana, or other friend--feathered or furry--needs their toenails cut.  The vet is expensive.  Other places are known for the trauma they have caused in some pets.

I don't like to use muzzels and don't use constraining holds.  They make a scary situation worse.  I have studied alpha behavior and prefer to earn your dog's trust.  I hope my work with your pet will earn your trust too.

Sometimes I need to work slowly on a pup because of an injured nail.  Just know, if your pup needs special attention they will get it too!  I appreciate your patience while I work gently on the pup on my table!  :)

My Core Values

First and foremost I am a Christian.  My integrity in my business is paramount.  When you bring me your pet, I first examine their paws and nails.  If they are not of a condition that I can trim them, I will let you know.  Then I will give you the best advice I feel suits your situation.  I would rather be honest with you and do what is in the best interest of your pet than just take advantage of your thinking I am trimming your pet’s nails.  There is no integrity in that and I don’t do business that way.  I will show you the how and why of my advice. 

Back on Schedule!

This Weekend!

May 24th & May 25th

I will be back with Vaccination Station at Russel Feed locations this weekend!  

Saturday, May 25th 

I Will Not Be At a Clinic This Saturday

Sunday, May 25th - Benbrook

8704 Highway 377 S

Benbrook, TX

Phone: 817-249-1061

The weather is to be heavy and 40% to 60% rain on Sunday.  I will be at Benbrook unless it gets so bad I cant stay or business is too slow to support me staying.  We are usually inside during inclement weather at this location.  

I have let you know here about my asthma.  I hope you know that is the only reason I have stayed away from taking care of your babies.  Please continue to take measures for the safety of yourselves and your families!   You, Your Families, Our Country and our President continue to be in my Prayers!  Please check here, facebook or call the store to see if I am there!  I have missed all of you and appreciate your patience! I am looking so forward to seeing you and your babies!  

Precious Paws Toe Nail Trimming


Regular Care

Cutting toenails often is necessary to keep the quick from growing out.  If this happens, often I can't cut the nails and will have to recommend something that allows anesthesia. 


Urgent Care

Yes, toenails can reach a point of needing urgent care.  When they are so long that they are curling and are into the pad they need immediate attention. 


Ears & Teeth

 Ears and teeth need attention too. If there is a chocolate substance in your dog's ears, clean it out with an ear wash. If you do not see a bad tartar build up, it is fine to brush your dog's teeth. 

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