Compassionate, Experienced Animal Lover

Compassionate, Experienced Animal Lover

Compassionate, Experienced Animal LoverCompassionate, Experienced Animal Lover

Helping you take care of your furry friends!



Sometimes it's tough to know where to turn when your dog, cat, iguana, or other friend--feathered or furry--needs their toenails cut.  The vet is expensive.  Other places are known for the trauma they have caused in some pets.

I don't like to use muzzels and don't use constraining holds.  They make a scary situation worse.  I have studied alpha behavior and prefer to earn your dog's trust.  I hope my work with your pet will earn your trust too.

Sometimes I need to work slowly on a pup because of an injured nail.  Just know, if your pup needs special attention they will get it too!  I appreciate your patience while I work gently on the pup on my table!  :)

My Core Values

First and foremost I am a Christian.  My integrity in my business is paramount.  When you bring me your pet, I first examine their paws and nails.  If they are not of a condition that I can trim them, I will let you know.  Then I will give you the best advice I feel suits your situation.  I would rather be honest with you and do what is in the best interest of your pet than just take advantage of your thinking I am trimming your pet’s nails.  There is no integrity in that and I don’t do business that way.  I will show you the how and why of my advice. 

This Weekend!

This Weekend!   Feb 15 & Feb 16

I will be with Vaccination Station at these Russel Feed locations this weekend:

Saturday -  10600 Camp Bowie West

Ft. Worth, TX 76166

Phone: 817-244-3830

Sunday -  12320 Business Hwy 287 N

Ft. Worth, TX  76179

Phone: 817-984-7381

Come see me for a  Valentine mani-pedi for the fur baby in your life!  The weather is to be wonderful!  Call, check here, or Facebook to see if I am there.  Can't wait to see you!   


Precious Paws Toe Nail Trimming


Regular Care

Cutting toenails often is necessary to keep the quick from growing out.  If this happens, often I can't cut the nails and will have to recommend something that allows anesthesia. 


Urgent Care

Yes, toenails can reach a point of needing urgent care.  When they are so long that they are curling and are into the pad they need immediate attention. 


Ears & Teeth

 Ears and teeth need attention too. If there is a chocolate substance in your dog's ears, clean it out with an ear wash. If you do not see a bad tartar build up, it is fine to brush your dog's teeth. 

Precious Paws Supports Local Rescue Efforts

Hi there! My name is Ethel!


I am a two to four year old Chihuahua mix.  I just love snuggles and lap time.  I am very sweet and get along with other dogs and cats. 

My Christmas wish is a furever home!


If you want to know more about me call or contact Carson Hearing Care.  817-737-4327 or or  They are also on Facebook. 

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I love caring for your pets! My schedule is right here on this site on the Contact page.  I work almost every day of every weekend.  Come See Me! or