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Sometimes it's tough to know where to turn when your dog, cat, iguana, or other friend--feathered or furry--needs their toenails cut.  The vet is expensive.  Other places are known for the trauma they have caused in some pets.

I don't like to use muzzels and don't use constraining holds.  They make a scary situation worse.  I have studied alpha behavior and prefer to earn your dog's trust.  I hope my work with your pet will earn your trust too.

Sometimes I need to work slowly on a pup because of an injured nail.  Just know, if your pup needs special attention they will get it too!  I appreciate your patience while I work gently on the pup on my table!  :)

My Core Values

First and foremost I am a Christian.  My integrity in my business is paramount.  When you bring me your pet, I first examine their paws and nails.  If they are not of a condition that I can trim them, I will let you know.  Then I will give you the best advice I feel suits your situation.  I would rather be honest with you and do what is in the best interest of your pet than just take advantage of your thinking I am trimming your pet’s nails.  There is no integrity in that and I don’t do business that way.  I will show you the how and why of my advice. 

This Weekend!

This Weekend!   Dec 7 & Dec 8

I will be with Vaccination Station at these Russel Feed locations this weekend:

Saturday - 1312 NW Parkway Azle, TX

Phone: 817-444-8815

Sunday - 1625 N. Crowley Road

Crowley, TX

Phone: 817-297-9756

WOW! DECEMBER ALREADY!  I hope your shopping is going well!  Take a break and come see me for a holiday mani-pedi for the fur baby in your life!  It will be a little chilly mornings but warm up a little in the afternoons!  Call, check here or Facebook to be sure I am there!  

Can't wait to see you!   


Precious Paws Toe Nail Trimming


Regular Care

Cutting toenails often is necessary to keep the quick from growing out.  If this happens, often I can't cut the nails and will have to recommend something that allows anesthesia. 


Urgent Care

Yes, toenails can reach a point of needing urgent care.  When they are so long that they are curling and are into the pad they need immediate attention. 


Ears & Teeth

 Ears and teeth need attention too. If there is a chocolate substance in your dog's ears, clean it out with an ear wash. If you do not see a bad tartar build up, it is fine to brush your dog's teeth. 

Precious Paws Supports Local Rescue Efforts

Hi there! My name is Ethel!


I am a two to four year old Chihuahua mix.  I just love snuggles and lap time.  I am very sweet and get along with other dogs and cats. 

My Christmas wish is a furever home!


If you want to know more about me call or contact Carson Hearing Care.  817-737-4327 or or  They are also on Facebook. 

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